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New for 2016: Black Hills’ Versatile Ammunition

In Media/News on January 24, 2016 at 12:42 pm

For 2016, Black Hills Ammunition is bringing out two new handguns loads for concealed carry and two rifle loads for big bores.


Black Hills Ammunition New for 2016- .380 60 Grain Xtreme Defense

In 2016 New Products on January 19, 2016 at 11:21 am


380 Auto 60 Gr  XTreme Defense 3 75 in barrel 01-07-2016 top a

The .380 auto has become an incredibly popular defense tool in the last 10 years. The best gun for gunfight is the one you have with you. In many cases that now tends to be a .380 pocket pistol. They are small and concealable pistols, but to be effective, you need the best ammunition possible. Black Hills Xtreme Defense is that ammunition. It does not rely on a hollow point design which can fail to expand or plug with clothing. Instead, it uses a new design with homogenous copper projectile, developed in cooperation with Lehigh Defense, with cutting edges on the forward surface and flutes on the ogive of the projectile that redirect the tissue as it impacts and penetrates at a velocity of over 1150 fps. This is a superior design in terms of reliability and effectiveness.

Black Hills Ammunition New for 2016- .38 Special 100 Grain Xtreme Defense

In 2016 New Products on January 19, 2016 at 11:00 am


38 SPL+P 100 Gr. Max Defense, Millennium 1.875 in barrel 9-16-2015 a

38 SPL+P 100 Gr. Max Defense, Millennium 1.875 in barrel bullets 9-16-2015 a

The .38 Special snub nosed revolver is one of the most popular and reliable self-defense tools available. The problem is that most ammunition until now did not perform well at the velocities attainable in a snubbie. Black Hills, working with Lehigh Defense, has successfully addressed that problem.

The new Black Hills Xtreme Defense round provides 1000 FPS from short barreled revolvers (and over 1250 fps from 6” barrels), penetrates deeply and makes a larger temporary cavity than conventional hollow points. This innovative new patent pending, sharp edged, homogenous copper design does not rely on expansion, but cuts and redirects the tissue radially as it penetrates, creating a wound channel superior to conventional hollow points in both depth and diameter of the wound. This design has no cavity to clog with clothing material or when penetrating light barriers.

This is the defensive ammunition you should have in your revolver to defend yourself and loved ones in the increasingly dangerous world we live in.

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