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New for 2010 – .223 62gr TSX

In 2010 Press Releases on July 12, 2010 at 8:07 pm

Black Hills Ammunition has added a .223 load featuring the 62 grain Barnes TSX bullet. This new load joins the extensive Black Hills lineup of .223s which includes the 55 grain TSX added in 2009. The Barnes .223 TSX bullets are designed for high weight retention (typically 100%). This ammunition provides incredibly effective terminal performance. The projectile opens up immediately upon impact to over .45 caliber diameter but still penetrates deeply (approximately 20” in ballistic gelatin). Velocity is 3100 fps from a 24” barrel or 3000 fps from a 20” barrel.

The 62 grain bullet works well with twist rates of 1/7”, 1/8, or 1/9” making it suitable for currently made semi-auto rifles in this caliber. This is the optimum .223 load for use in hunting, self-defense or police patrol rifle use where a hard-hitting but deep penetrating bullet is desired. This load is as good as it gets for police situations requiring a “Barrier Blind” projectile for maintaining effectiveness through intermediate barriers. This ammunition is available in the Black Hills New Ammunition line and is not available as remanufactured ammunition.

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