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Black Hills Ammunition New for 2016- .308 155 Grain TMK (Tipped MatchKing)

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308 155 Gr. TMK Sierra 20 in barrel 12-15-2015 a

308 155 Gr. TMK, Sierra 20 in barrel bullet 12-15-2015 a

Black Hills has added a new Sierra high BC bullet, the .30 caliber 155 TMK (BC .519) to its suite of long range .308 ammunition. This bullet has a ballistic coefficient higher than Sierra’s famous and field proven 175 MatchKing, but 20 grains lighter, permitting velocities 150 fps faster than the 175 MK. This means less drop (2 MOA less drop at 600 yards) and less wind drift.

The polymer tip also improves reliability upon impact and lessens chances of over-penetration, making this round a superior performer where limited penetration is desired, such as in urban law enforcement applications.


Black Hills Ammunition New for 2013 – .308 178 Gr. A-MAX®

In 2013 Press Releases on January 28, 2013 at 1:43 pm

BHA .308 178 Gr. A-Max

.308 178 Gr. Hornady A-MAX

308 178 Gr. A-Max Hornady

Black Hills has a reputation for long-range accuracy and the new .308 178 Gr. A-MAX® load takes it a step further. With a true ballistic coefficient of .495 this sleek, tipped design bullet delivers all the precision your long-range tactical or competition rifle is capable of providing. As a police sniper round, it combines extreme precision with a bullet design that provides quick, reliable expansion and performance with limited penetration (vs traditional BTHP designs) for increased officer and public safety.

Black Hills Adds 8 New Hunting Loads With Hornady GMX Release

In 2011 Press Releases on February 7, 2011 at 4:27 pm

Black Hills Ammunition is well-known for hand selecting the best available premium components from across the industry to incorporate into their line of performance hunting ammunition. This time they gathered Hornady GMX rifle bullets for use in the Black Hills Gold Line. The new loads include .243 80 gr, .260 Rem 120 gr., 6.5-.284 Norma 120 gr., 270 Win 130 gr., 308 150 gr., 30-06 150 gr., 7mm RM 139 gr., and 300 WM 165 gr.

Black Hills advises that these loadings were selected in order to add the superior external and terminal performance of the plastic-tipped Hornady bullets into their line, while increasing available choices for Black Hills customers. The GMX (Gilding Metal eXpanding) bullets are constructed of gilding metal, the same material long used for bullet jackets. This construction results in a bullet that expands very reliably and nearly immediately upon impact, but typically retains nearly 100% of its weight resulting in deep penetration. These bullets are very accurate, shoot as cleanly as “standard” bullets, and are lead free, and thus suitable for use in areas that restrict use of lead cored bullets.

Please call (605) 348-5150 for additional product information.

New for 2010 – .260 Remington 139gr Lapua Scenar

In 2010 Press Releases on July 12, 2010 at 8:12 pm

The .260 Remington was originally designed as a hunting cartridge, however tactical competition shooters recognized its potential as a superior long range caliber and came to Black Hills for a specially loaded tactical version. We responded in 2009 with a special production load designed with assistance of GA Precision for their customers. The popularity of that load was so great that George Gardner at GA Precision convinced us to offer it as a catalog item for 2010. This load is notably superior to the .308 in terms of trajectory and wind performance, and even surpasses the .308 in terms of energy when ranges exceed 500 yards. Accuracy has proven to be exceptional. Velocity from a 24” barrel is 2750 fps. The .260 tactical loading will be part of the Black Hills Gold Line of ammunition. Rifles are available from GA Precision and others, including Les Baer Custom who is now producing a long range tactical rifle in this caliber.

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