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New for 2016: Black Hills’ Versatile Ammunition

In Media/News on January 24, 2016 at 12:42 pm

For 2016, Black Hills Ammunition is bringing out two new handguns loads for concealed carry and two rifle loads for big bores.


Black Hills Ammunition New for 2016- .380 60 Grain Xtreme Defense

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380 Auto 60 Gr  XTreme Defense 3 75 in barrel 01-07-2016 top a

The .380 auto has become an incredibly popular defense tool in the last 10 years. The best gun for gunfight is the one you have with you. In many cases that now tends to be a .380 pocket pistol. They are small and concealable pistols, but to be effective, you need the best ammunition possible. Black Hills Xtreme Defense is that ammunition. It does not rely on a hollow point design which can fail to expand or plug with clothing. Instead, it uses a new design with homogenous copper projectile, developed in cooperation with Lehigh Defense, with cutting edges on the forward surface and flutes on the ogive of the projectile that redirect the tissue as it impacts and penetrates at a velocity of over 1150 fps. This is a superior design in terms of reliability and effectiveness.

Black Hills Ammunition New for 2016- .308 155 Grain TMK (Tipped MatchKing)

In 2016 New Products on January 19, 2016 at 11:17 am


308 155 Gr. TMK Sierra 20 in barrel 12-15-2015 a

308 155 Gr. TMK, Sierra 20 in barrel bullet 12-15-2015 a

Black Hills has added a new Sierra high BC bullet, the .30 caliber 155 TMK (BC .519) to its suite of long range .308 ammunition. This bullet has a ballistic coefficient higher than Sierra’s famous and field proven 175 MatchKing, but 20 grains lighter, permitting velocities 150 fps faster than the 175 MK. This means less drop (2 MOA less drop at 600 yards) and less wind drift.

The polymer tip also improves reliability upon impact and lessens chances of over-penetration, making this round a superior performer where limited penetration is desired, such as in urban law enforcement applications.

Black Hills Ammunition New for 2016- .300 Whisper 125 Grain Tipped MatchKing

In 2016 New Products on January 19, 2016 at 11:09 am


The .300 Whisper (Blackout) is here to stay, and Black Hills Ammunition has added yet another accurate and top performing projectile to its lineup in this caliber. The Sierra TMK (Tipped MatchKing) has a polymer tip to improve ballistic coefficient (.332 at Whisper velocity of 2200 fps!) and a bullet profile that helps assure smooth feeding from standard AR magazines. The polymer tip also improves reliability of expansion to aid in hunting, law enforcement and self-defense applications.

Black Hills Ammunition New for 2016- .38 Special 100 Grain Xtreme Defense

In 2016 New Products on January 19, 2016 at 11:00 am


38 SPL+P 100 Gr. Max Defense, Millennium 1.875 in barrel 9-16-2015 a

38 SPL+P 100 Gr. Max Defense, Millennium 1.875 in barrel bullets 9-16-2015 a

The .38 Special snub nosed revolver is one of the most popular and reliable self-defense tools available. The problem is that most ammunition until now did not perform well at the velocities attainable in a snubbie. Black Hills, working with Lehigh Defense, has successfully addressed that problem.

The new Black Hills Xtreme Defense round provides 1000 FPS from short barreled revolvers (and over 1250 fps from 6” barrels), penetrates deeply and makes a larger temporary cavity than conventional hollow points. This innovative new patent pending, sharp edged, homogenous copper design does not rely on expansion, but cuts and redirects the tissue radially as it penetrates, creating a wound channel superior to conventional hollow points in both depth and diameter of the wound. This design has no cavity to clog with clothing material or when penetrating light barriers.

This is the defensive ammunition you should have in your revolver to defend yourself and loved ones in the increasingly dangerous world we live in.

Black Hills Ammunition New for 2013 – .308 178 Gr. A-MAX®

In 2013 Press Releases on January 28, 2013 at 1:43 pm

BHA .308 178 Gr. A-Max

.308 178 Gr. Hornady A-MAX

308 178 Gr. A-Max Hornady

Black Hills has a reputation for long-range accuracy and the new .308 178 Gr. A-MAX® load takes it a step further. With a true ballistic coefficient of .495 this sleek, tipped design bullet delivers all the precision your long-range tactical or competition rifle is capable of providing. As a police sniper round, it combines extreme precision with a bullet design that provides quick, reliable expansion and performance with limited penetration (vs traditional BTHP designs) for increased officer and public safety.

Black Hills Ammunition New for 2013 – .308 150 Gr. Hornady SST™

In 2013 Press Releases on January 28, 2013 at 1:41 pm

.308 150 Gr. Hornady SST™

.308 150 Gr. Hornady SST™ Gel

.308 150 Gr. Hornady SST™ Fragments

Who says you can’t have match accuracy in a hunting or defense load? The Black Hills .308 150 grain SST™ combines minute of angle accuracy with a tough constructed bullet suitable for all but the largest North American game. This premium bullet opens up immediately upon impact to a diameter of over .60 caliber, creating a resultant wound channel 8″ in diameter, but reliably retains approximately 75% of its weight and penetrates to 18″. When you are looking for a flat shooting, accurate and powerful load for your deer rifle or for your semi auto duty/defense rifle, this load has what it takes.

Black Hills Ammunition New for 2013 – The Optimized™ 5.56mm 62 Gr. TSX

In 2013 Press Releases on January 28, 2013 at 1:39 pm

The Optimized™ 5.56mm 62 TSX

The Optimized™ 5.56mm 62 TSX Gel

The Optimized™ 5.56mm 62 TSX Fragments

Black Hills Ammunition introduced the 50 grain TSX last year and it has been an overwhelming success as a premium “barrier blind”defense and duty load but some folks really wanted something heavier. We listen to what our customers want. The Optimized™ 5.56mm 62 Gr. TSX load is designed for use in all rifles with a twist rate of 1/9” and faster, including short-barreled rifles. It is flash suppressed for use in low light situations. This load opens up immediately upon impact to over 50 caliber and penetrates to 20” in ballistic gel tissue simulant, while creating a wound channel over 5” in diameter. This 5.56mm ammunition is loaded to pressures higher than commercial .223 ammunition in order to provide maximum performance and should be used only in suitably chambered firearms.

Good Things Come In Small Packages! – 20 Round Boxes of Black Hills Ammo Now Available

In 2012 Press Releases on February 6, 2012 at 3:08 pm



Black Hills Ammunition is now offering a number of defensive ammunition calibers in 20 round boxes for your convenience. With the current economy, every shooter appreciates being able to get the best premium defensive ammunition for their firearm without breaking the weekly budget. Performance is our promise to you and the smaller quantity boxes will make it even easier to put the Power of Performance in your defensive firearm. Initial calibers slated for the 20 round boxes are 9mm, .40 Smith & Wesson, .45 ACP and .380 Automatic.


Black Hills Ammunition New for 2012 – .204 Ruger, .300 Whisper and 5.56mm 69 Gr. MatchKing

In 2012 Press Releases, Uncategorized on February 6, 2012 at 2:53 pm

Black Hills has announced three new loads for 2012. The first caliber is the .204 Ruger. The new round uses the explosive Hornady V-Max™ projectile that has proven to be one of the most accurate and effective bullets available for use on varmints.

The second is the .300 Whisper. This cartridge is the brainchild of JD Jones of SSK and has been around a long time as a proven wildcat cartridge. This versatile 30 caliber cartridge is designed primarily for use in M4/M16/AR-15 family of rifles and allows for use of a wide weight range of projectiles. Initial Black Hills loads for this cartridge are a 125 grain load that essentially duplicates 7.62×39 ballistics, but with far superior accuracy, plus a 220 grain Sierra MatchKing at subsonic velocity.

Last year, Black Hills introduced two 5.56mm loads, a commercially packaged version of the famous military MK262Mod1 5.56mm 77 grain load, plus a 50 grain TSX. The success of those two loads led to customer requests for a 69 grain MatchKing for use in AR15s with 1/9 twist barrels. Black Hills has always been responsive to customer demand and this year is offering the 69 grain SMK loaded to 5.56mm pressures and velocities in military specification brass, and utilizing temperature stable, flash suppressed propellant.

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