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Black Hills Ammunition New for 2013 – The Optimized™ 5.56mm 62 Gr. TSX

In 2013 Press Releases on January 28, 2013 at 1:39 pm

The Optimized™ 5.56mm 62 TSX

The Optimized™ 5.56mm 62 TSX Gel

The Optimized™ 5.56mm 62 TSX Fragments

Black Hills Ammunition introduced the 50 grain TSX last year and it has been an overwhelming success as a premium “barrier blind”defense and duty load but some folks really wanted something heavier. We listen to what our customers want. The Optimized™ 5.56mm 62 Gr. TSX load is designed for use in all rifles with a twist rate of 1/9” and faster, including short-barreled rifles. It is flash suppressed for use in low light situations. This load opens up immediately upon impact to over 50 caliber and penetrates to 20” in ballistic gel tissue simulant, while creating a wound channel over 5” in diameter. This 5.56mm ammunition is loaded to pressures higher than commercial .223 ammunition in order to provide maximum performance and should be used only in suitably chambered firearms.


Black Hills Ammunition Wins Navy Contract for Precision 5.56 Ammunition

In 2012 Press Releases on February 6, 2012 at 2:08 pm

Black Hills Ammunition has been awarded a new contract for 5.56mm 77 grain LR (Long Range) ammunition for the next five years of U.S. Military requirements for precision 5.56 mm ammunition. This contract for 30 million rounds worth of ammunition is the most recent of three consecutive contracts Black Hills has received for this item. Black Hills is the sole producer of this precision round.  Black Hills President and co-owner Jeff Hoffman comments, “Our company is honored by the confidence shown by the military in making this award to our company. We will continue to do our very best to support the troops who depend on us for specialized ammunition.”

Black Hills 5.56mm 69 Grain OTM Now Available

In 2012 Press Releases on February 6, 2012 at 12:33 pm

For 2012, Black Hills has added a 5.56mm load, the Sierra 69 grain OTM. OTM (Open Tip Match) is the military designation for Match bullets such as the Sierra MatchKing design. The 69 grain Sierra is a bullet of long proven accuracy and is optimum weight and design for use in the 1/9” rifling twist rate found in the majority of the AR-15 rifles commercially available today.

This 5.56mm round provides a flat shooting, wind bucking 2875 fps from a 20” barrel, plus sub MOA accuracy. It’s loaded with a powder selected for extreme temperature stability and is flash suppressed for use in low light conditions.

We have added a special bullet cannelure to increase reliability without sacrificing the extreme accuracy of the Sierra MatchKing projectile. Black Hills 5.56mm- Military match toughness and precision for your sporting rifle!

Black Hills 5.56mm Now Available Commercially

In 2011 Press Releases on February 7, 2011 at 4:12 pm

Black Hills Ammunition is well-known for manufacturing premium .223 ammunition for sporting, defensive and law enforcement needs. Less known is that Black Hills is also a leading supplier of specialty 5.56mm to the U.S. Military. New for 2011, Black Hills is releasing two 5.56mm offerings for commercial sale.

The 5.56mm 77 grain features a specially produced Sierra MatchKing projectile at 5.56mm velocity of 2750 from a 20” barrel. This load was designed as precision ammunition and delivers sub minute accuracy consistently from 10 shot groups. For utmost accuracy, especially at extended ranges, the BHA 77 is the undisputed choice in 5.56mm.

The BHA 5.56mm 50 grain TSX load was developed for U.S. law enforcement specifications that require reliable expansion, weight retention and consistent penetration even through barriers and through a variety of barrel lengths. This load utilizes a specially built version of Barnes Bullet Company’s TSX bullet. It provides expansion to .50 caliber immediately upon impact and consistently penetrates to an ideal average penetration depth of 14” in ballistic gelatin. This is an ideal civilian defense or law enforcement patrol-rifle round.

Both loads feature military specification brass, sealed military spec primers, temperature-stable military propellant with flash suppressant and are loaded to U.S. 5.56mm pressure limits. Both loads are available for immediate shipment.

Please call (605) 348-5150 for additional product information.

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