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Black Hills Ammunition – SHOT Show 2016 – WTS Outdoor Adventure

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Shot on location at SHOT Show 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada – What the Stuff Outdoor Adventure is proud to bring you Black Hills Ammunition straight from the SHOT Show floor!



Black Hills Ammunition New for 2015- 5.56mm 70 Grain Hornady GMX®

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For 2015, Black Hills has added a special purpose load to its growing 5.56mm lineup.

For 2015, Black Hills has added a special purpose load to its growing 5.56mm lineup.

5.56 70 Gr. GMX, Hornady 10 in barrel 1-6-2015 a5.56 70 Gr. GMX, Hornady 10 in barrel bullets 1-6-2015 a

Black Hills Ammunition has added a special purpose load to its growing 5.56mm lineup. This load, utilizing the 70 grain Hornady GMX® projectile is designed as a “barrier blind” round, meaning performance is only minimally affected by barriers. It’s not armor-piercing, but significantly out-performs conventional bullets in law enforcement situations where officers may be required to engage deadly threats in vehicles or behind light cover. It’s also optimum for hunting requiring great expansion combined with deep penetration and nearly 100% weight retention. This loading is designed for rifles with a rifling twist of 1/7” or 1/8”. Penetration in ballistic gelatin consistently runs 17-22”, with a wound diameter in the 5”range. Recovered bullet diameter averages nearly .50 caliber.

Black Hills Ammunition New for 2012 – .204 Ruger, .300 Whisper and 5.56mm 69 Gr. MatchKing

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Black Hills has announced three new loads for 2012. The first caliber is the .204 Ruger. The new round uses the explosive Hornady V-Max™ projectile that has proven to be one of the most accurate and effective bullets available for use on varmints.

The second is the .300 Whisper. This cartridge is the brainchild of JD Jones of SSK and has been around a long time as a proven wildcat cartridge. This versatile 30 caliber cartridge is designed primarily for use in M4/M16/AR-15 family of rifles and allows for use of a wide weight range of projectiles. Initial Black Hills loads for this cartridge are a 125 grain load that essentially duplicates 7.62×39 ballistics, but with far superior accuracy, plus a 220 grain Sierra MatchKing at subsonic velocity.

Last year, Black Hills introduced two 5.56mm loads, a commercially packaged version of the famous military MK262Mod1 5.56mm 77 grain load, plus a 50 grain TSX. The success of those two loads led to customer requests for a 69 grain MatchKing for use in AR15s with 1/9 twist barrels. Black Hills has always been responsive to customer demand and this year is offering the 69 grain SMK loaded to 5.56mm pressures and velocities in military specification brass, and utilizing temperature stable, flash suppressed propellant.

Black Hills Ammunition Brand Video

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We owe our reputation of unmatched dependability, accuracy and high performance to our people: the dedicated souls who clock in every day to our factory.
They’re Americans. More specifically, South Dakotans. Gun aficionados. Ballistics geeks and picky inspection ladies who can sense and then find the tiniest
of flaws. Because of their nitpickiness, their zeal and their grit – evident through every part of the production process – Black Hills Ammunition is counted
among the finest in the world.

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