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Black Hills Ammunition To Offer Steel Cased 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP Ammunition

In 2011 Press Releases on February 7, 2011 at 4:34 pm

Shooters nation-wide have come to rely on remanufactured ammunition from Black Hills as an economical, yet high quality choice of sport and training ammunition. Black Hills is always a stickler for quality and has advised that in recent years it has been difficult to locate enough high-quality fired brass in some calibers to meet the high demand. The result has been shortages and inevitable delays for customers. To respond to these concerns, Black Hills is now producing steel cased 9mm, .40S&W  and .45 ACP ammunition. This is in addition to their existing lines of new and remanufactured ammunition.

Steel cased ammunition from Black Hills provides a great combination of known American manufacturing quality with the economy of steel cases. Something of special interest to the shooter is the fact that Black Hills is also loading popular hollow point bullets as part of the offering, in addition to the FMJ bullets normally found in steel case ammunition. The new loads are 9mm 115 FMJ, 115 JHP, .40 S&W 180 FMJ, 180 JHP, and .45 ACP 185 JHP and 230 FMJ.

Black Hills has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all products. One more reason to welcome availability of these items high-demand calibers from an American company.

Please call (605) 348-5150 for additional product information.


Black Hills Adds 8 New Hunting Loads With Hornady GMX Release

In 2011 Press Releases on February 7, 2011 at 4:27 pm

Black Hills Ammunition is well-known for hand selecting the best available premium components from across the industry to incorporate into their line of performance hunting ammunition. This time they gathered Hornady GMX rifle bullets for use in the Black Hills Gold Line. The new loads include .243 80 gr, .260 Rem 120 gr., 6.5-.284 Norma 120 gr., 270 Win 130 gr., 308 150 gr., 30-06 150 gr., 7mm RM 139 gr., and 300 WM 165 gr.

Black Hills advises that these loadings were selected in order to add the superior external and terminal performance of the plastic-tipped Hornady bullets into their line, while increasing available choices for Black Hills customers. The GMX (Gilding Metal eXpanding) bullets are constructed of gilding metal, the same material long used for bullet jackets. This construction results in a bullet that expands very reliably and nearly immediately upon impact, but typically retains nearly 100% of its weight resulting in deep penetration. These bullets are very accurate, shoot as cleanly as “standard” bullets, and are lead free, and thus suitable for use in areas that restrict use of lead cored bullets.

Please call (605) 348-5150 for additional product information.

Black Hills 5.56mm Now Available Commercially

In 2011 Press Releases on February 7, 2011 at 4:12 pm

Black Hills Ammunition is well-known for manufacturing premium .223 ammunition for sporting, defensive and law enforcement needs. Less known is that Black Hills is also a leading supplier of specialty 5.56mm to the U.S. Military. New for 2011, Black Hills is releasing two 5.56mm offerings for commercial sale.

The 5.56mm 77 grain features a specially produced Sierra MatchKing projectile at 5.56mm velocity of 2750 from a 20” barrel. This load was designed as precision ammunition and delivers sub minute accuracy consistently from 10 shot groups. For utmost accuracy, especially at extended ranges, the BHA 77 is the undisputed choice in 5.56mm.

The BHA 5.56mm 50 grain TSX load was developed for U.S. law enforcement specifications that require reliable expansion, weight retention and consistent penetration even through barriers and through a variety of barrel lengths. This load utilizes a specially built version of Barnes Bullet Company’s TSX bullet. It provides expansion to .50 caliber immediately upon impact and consistently penetrates to an ideal average penetration depth of 14” in ballistic gelatin. This is an ideal civilian defense or law enforcement patrol-rifle round.

Both loads feature military specification brass, sealed military spec primers, temperature-stable military propellant with flash suppressant and are loaded to U.S. 5.56mm pressure limits. Both loads are available for immediate shipment.

Please call (605) 348-5150 for additional product information.

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