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Black Hills Ammunition New for 2016- .308 155 Grain TMK (Tipped MatchKing)

In 2016 New Products on January 19, 2016 at 11:17 am


308 155 Gr. TMK Sierra 20 in barrel 12-15-2015 a

308 155 Gr. TMK, Sierra 20 in barrel bullet 12-15-2015 a

Black Hills has added a new Sierra high BC bullet, the .30 caliber 155 TMK (BC .519) to its suite of long range .308 ammunition. This bullet has a ballistic coefficient higher than Sierra’s famous and field proven 175 MatchKing, but 20 grains lighter, permitting velocities 150 fps faster than the 175 MK. This means less drop (2 MOA less drop at 600 yards) and less wind drift.

The polymer tip also improves reliability upon impact and lessens chances of over-penetration, making this round a superior performer where limited penetration is desired, such as in urban law enforcement applications.

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