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Black Hills Ammunition New for 2014- 5.56 77 Gr. TMK

In 2014 Press Releases on February 2, 2014 at 11:13 pm


5.56 77 Gr. TMK

5.56 77 Gr. TMK

5.56 77 gr  Tipped Matchkingg 14.5 in barrel

5.56 77 gr Tipped Matchkingg 14.5 in barrel

Black Hills has again expanded its popular line of 5.56mm ammunition. Sierra 77 grain MatchKing™ bullets set the standard for long range accuracy in .223 and 5.56. World records have been set with those bullets, and MK262 ammunition loaded by Black Hills using MatchKing™ bullets has provided significantly increased capability to our nation’s soldiers, sailors and Marines. Sierra has now further refined this bullet with the addition of a polymer tip which improves upon the external ballistics by significantly increasing ballistic coefficient from .373 to .420. The tip also improves terminal ballistics, increasing uniformity of performance and penetration when the projectile arrives on target. This new Tipped MatchKing™ is now offered as an additional Black Hills 5.56 load.

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