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Black Hills Ammunition New for 2013 – .308 178 Gr. A-MAX®

In 2013 Press Releases on January 28, 2013 at 1:43 pm

BHA .308 178 Gr. A-Max

.308 178 Gr. Hornady A-MAX

308 178 Gr. A-Max Hornady

Black Hills has a reputation for long-range accuracy and the new .308 178 Gr. A-MAX® load takes it a step further. With a true ballistic coefficient of .495 this sleek, tipped design bullet delivers all the precision your long-range tactical or competition rifle is capable of providing. As a police sniper round, it combines extreme precision with a bullet design that provides quick, reliable expansion and performance with limited penetration (vs traditional BTHP designs) for increased officer and public safety.

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