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Black Hills 5.56mm 69 Grain OTM Now Available

In 2012 Press Releases on February 6, 2012 at 12:33 pm

For 2012, Black Hills has added a 5.56mm load, the Sierra 69 grain OTM. OTM (Open Tip Match) is the military designation for Match bullets such as the Sierra MatchKing design. The 69 grain Sierra is a bullet of long proven accuracy and is optimum weight and design for use in the 1/9” rifling twist rate found in the majority of the AR-15 rifles commercially available today.

This 5.56mm round provides a flat shooting, wind bucking 2875 fps from a 20” barrel, plus sub MOA accuracy. It’s loaded with a powder selected for extreme temperature stability and is flash suppressed for use in low light conditions.

We have added a special bullet cannelure to increase reliability without sacrificing the extreme accuracy of the Sierra MatchKing projectile. Black Hills 5.56mm- Military match toughness and precision for your sporting rifle!

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